I am happy to present you the publication that was produced as part of the “Culture and Nature. Local communities for heritage: good practices from Central Europe” conference held at Cieszyn Castle on March 29th, 2023. The idea of Culture and Nature was taken from Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski’s 1913 conservation classic “Culture and Nature”. Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski (1860–1939) was an acclaimed publicist, economist and politician and one of the precursors of environmental protection in Poland.

The conference proceedings provide a broad sampling of local good practices in cultural and natural heritage protection. They are a collection of inspiring stories of how heritage represents an enduring value for our communities, with examples from Central Europe, Poland and the transnational region of Cieszyn/ Těšín Silesia. The topics covered include approaches to heritage interpretation and protection, development of ecotourism, the role of women leaders in using heritage to drive local development, improve livelihoods and make us all more sensitive and appreciative of the beauty that lies in culture, nature and landscape.


Dominika Zaręba & Piotr Szmigielski